Agile Development

We follow the Agile Development process. Which means, we get work done in short time periods or iterations. The customer reviews the app as it is being built and provides feedback. The app is continuously reviewed and feedbacks implemented resulting in a successful project. Clients who work with us love the Agile Development methodology since it allows them to go to the market faster!

Agile Development Methodology

Build apps one iteration at a time. Continuous feedback cycle.

Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment

Apps are set to follow the CI/CD mechanism thus allowing the clients to see the app taking shape as frequent as possible.

Faster Go to Market

With successful agile processes implemented, going to market faster becomes a reality allowing the app to be available sooner to acceptance testers and beta users before launch.

Frequent Communication

The team is always connected to the client via popular messaging apps, do daily standup meetings and video calls. Frequent, to the point communication is the key to keeping the momentum high!

Code Reviews

The code is checked in to the repository in smaller chunks usually on a daily basis allowing easier management of features going to production. This also allows peer to peer or online code review very efficient.

Best in Class Tools

The engineers use the tools that are battle tested in the industry and are highly efficient. Clean Code, code linting, unit tests …etc are standard practices.

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