Practice Areas

Web Development

Build enterprise grade web applications that are scalable, and run across Android, iOS, tablets and desktops. We want to keep it as simple and bullet-proof – weather it’s a static site or complex architecture.

UI/UX Design

If it’s not intuitive, it doesn’t matter how much horsepower you have behind the interface – you won’t gain traction with your users. Create sticky widgets and slick interactions to wow your customers.

Architecture Consulting

Consult with our experienced architecture team to design your next application’s infrastructure and data requirements. From Kubernetes containers, to Elastic Search, to Redis, we know how the different technologies fit together to get the best results.

Search Engine Optimization

On-page, off-page, and all the metrics in-between. We understand how Google page ranking works and can be achieved. We love SEM Rush and Google Analytics as our go-to’s for tracking progress and user behavior.

MEAN Stack and Web Application

We are big fans the the Mongo, Express, Angular and NodeJS stack, and have used it across many applications. Don’t worry though, if the application calls for DOS, we’re on it!

Scaling and Clustering

We have deep experience with scaling apps, using continuous integration for testing and code pushes. We love Gitlab, Kubernetes, Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean as our preferred platforms for rapidly scaling and load balancing for massive traffic.

eCommerce: Stripe, Shopify & Cryptocurrency

Whether is a simple eCommerce site, or a two-sided marketplace for the latest gig economy using Ethereum and Smart Contracts, we are ready to tackle the challenge!